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Chef’s PARTNER Inc.

Large-scale Meat Processing Company Built on Customer Trust

Company Overview

Chef Partner is a large-scale meat processing facility with optimized facilities and an advanced logistics system.
With years of accumulated global expertise, we adhere to strict standards from processing to delivery of the highest quality raw materials.

Establishment Year June 2018
CEO Kim Sang-han / Kang Jin-muk
Number of Employees 90
Address 101 Gyeonggi Road, Namsa-eup, Cheoin-gu, Yongin, Gyeonggi (Zip code: 17118)
Tel 031-323-5785
Business Areas Meat Packaging, Livestock Product Processing
Capital KRW 400 million
Revenue KRW 107.4 billion (as of 2022)
Major Clients E-Mart, Traders, Coupang Rocket Fresh, SSG Mall, and more
Key product categories Beef, Pork, Marinated meat, HMR, and more

Business Areas

Chef Partner Co., Ltd. is a meat processing specialist that processes premium imported meat from certified farms in Australia and the United States.

We are at the forefront of providing safe and hygienic food products through comprehensive process management based on HACCP (Safety Management Certification) in our state-of-the-art facilities optimized for various product manufacturing.

Meat grinding and processing

Chilled Australian beef

Frozen Australian beef

Packaged meat processing

Premium livestock product sales

Chilled U.S. beef

Seasoned meat production

Frozen U.S. beef

Optimized Logistics Infrastructure

100% Satisfaction in Delivery Achieved by the Latest Cold Storage and Logistics Center in the Industry

Managing Real-time Information Through Barcode Scanning from Imports to Supplier Deliveries for Emergency Situations Response

Ensuring Industry-Leading Hygiene and Safety through Traceability Management

Enhancing Safety and Accurate Delivery with Real-time Delivery Information Management and Temperature Control

Operation of a dedicated cold storage warehouse and logistics facility with an area of 1,200 square meters

Optimal freshness maintenance of raw materials and products through a centrally controlled automatic temperature regulation system

Product Introduction

A variety of packaged and seasoned meat with the highest quality and reasonable prices

High-quality products using premium Australian wagyu
Competitive premium ribs and chilled packaged meat
Various sizes of seasoned meat and patties

Business Philosophy

We aim to grow as the leading meat processing company in Korea, putting customer happiness as our top value, and leading a new food culture.



We strive to be the nation’s leading meat processing company, placing customer happiness as our top value and leading a new food culture.



Chef Partner presents a new vision for meat processing, focusing on safe meat processing and distribution to produce trustworthy food products for customers.

Core Values

Hygiene and Safety

We continuously work to establish a safe and hygienic meat processing environment.

Customer Respect

We create customer delight by producing trustworthy and honest food products.

Quality Focus

We spare no effort in maintaining the optimal meat processing and distribution environment as a meat processing facility.